During these tragic and trying times it is difficult to maintain our emotional well being. This does not mean it is impossible, but it can be a challenge. My method of controlling what I think allows me to control how I feel. I can tell you that I do not do it all of the time and I have my moments of self doubt, pity, and depressed thoughts.

Wayne Dyer, in his book, “Your Erroneous Zones” discussed how the corny method of counting to ten, slowing down how we react to challenges does work. Slowing down our thinking to decide what we want to think can allow us to select the right word, which leads to that emotion. Responding, rather than reacting, with the right thought for me is a part of this control method. Dwelling on a thought that hurts or creates a merry-go-round of frustration can lead to long periods of self doubt.

When I find myself in this frustrating pattern, I focus on work at deciding what I do want to think about, and when that doesn’t allow me to move on, I take an action. Getting out of bed or out of the chair and walking can be enough. Actions such as excercise are very constructive in breaking such blocks. The excercise or task allows our mind to focus on something that we want to do or think. This is an example of personal empowerment.

Most people have the capacity to use this process and in such actions, practicing it and using it improves our ability at being successful. Success breeds confidence and allows for use under painful or difficult circumstances. While our brain may not be a muscle, we can build capacity and trust in such a valuable talent. Alcohol, drugs, fatigue, and illnesses can impede our best efforts. Therefore, maintainance of our body and mind will allow for better performance.

With our current times and the Corona Virus we are put under added pressure that none of us need but must deal with daily. I do not watch the news constantly, checking on facts that I need to know is enough for me. I choose what I watch, read, and who I communicate with as a part of my good health system. I have called many friends and family members to check in on them. Speaking with clients keeps me in touch professionally and personally as well. Such actions helps break the feelings of isolation and being lonely.

As many of my recovering friends emphasize, take it a day at a time, and in some cases a moment at a time. I choose to be positive but realistic as well, washing my hands, keeping social distance, and prayer helps. Sharing love and concern for those I know as well as those I do not places me as a part of surviving this health crisis. I would be remiss in not mentioning my wife, family and friends also being a part of this survival.

For anyone who does not have such resources, help lines, counselors, and local program efforts are available. Reaching out emotionally can bridge the devide of loneliness. Don’t be alone, seek what you need. I do not have all of the answers, but I can support you in finding a caring source. My contact information is available on my web site.

May you all stay safe and ready to the return to what normal will become in the time ahead.