I have been watching and listening to everything as the viris rages on through the world, taking lives and impacting us all. Having spent time in the hospital for care, I know it is real. The compassion and care from nurses and doctors helped me come home safely and better. In talking with them we discused the pain and sufferring that they see ever day. These professionals reinforced all that I have know about people who care for others. It is their passion and in some cases it eventually wears them out.

I have no interest in the politics but have great interest in facts that help us all know the truth and then make the best decision for ourserlves and those that we love. The posibility of a vacine that can kill the bear is vital to our future. I have discribed the virus as the bear that sits outside our door and we are tired of not going out and convince ourselves that bear is gone. It is not, and just waiting to for us to take chances that are harmful to ourselves and others.

Please wear your mask, keep your distance, and protect all of your loved ones and also all of your neighbors in the community. It is not an invasion on your rights, it is what citizens do to protect each other.

I am so thankful to the professionals that cared for me and continue as I work to maintain my restored health. This was not meant to be a sermon, just sharing of my experience as a human, father, dad, grandfather and friend to many.

Please take care of yourselves and I am still on duty for those that would like to talk or figure it out. It isn’t easy for anyone during these times.