Do you have these thoughts about people in your organization?

  • This would be a great business without people problems.
  • I just wish he/she would come to work and do their job.
  • When he/she is here, they are the best person I have.
  • I wish they would just work out their problems.
  • I ought to be a referee.

If so, please consider a conversation with Jeremy & Associates. We will explore your options and discuss opportunities to support you and your team.

Dr. Frank Jeremy, KCollege football coach and employee assistance provider

Jeremy & Associates, Inc.

  • provides coaching to leaders
  • addresses staff issues that need solutions
  • provides prescriptive training
  • provides confidential support
  • assists with policy development, procedural issues, and implementation
  • supports Human Resources delivery for large and small organizations

Dealing with employee relations issues demands expertise, judgement and appropriate action. The closer to the start of a problem or disorder that intervention occurs the lower the cost and impact.

cost vs time analysis for problem identification and treatment