When you complete an assessment you will receive a response from Dr. Jeremy, which shows results and specific recommendations. This information is private and part of your client file. At that point you can decide if you want to pursue and develop a plan of action.

Leadership and Managing People

  1. Does your performance evaluation effectively measure performance and reward to performers to your satisfaction and to the satisfaction of your staff?
  2. Do you hire, develop, promote, and retain the right people in leadership roles?
  3. Do your managers successfully resolve problems early and effectively?
  4. Do you have a mentoring or developmental program for your managers and leaders?

Cost Effective Management and Risk Reduction

  1. Do you have prevention of violence and risk reduction policies and procedures?
  2. Do you have a respected and well used employee assistance program?
  3. Do you identify problem situations early and successfully solve them to your satisfaction and to the satisfaction of your staff?
  4. Do you have employee relations or labor relations issues that you wish you could resolve to your satisfaction?

Good to Great Cultures

  1. Does your staff know, embrace, and live your organizational values to your satisfaction?
  2. Is your organization getting better every day?
  3. Is your organization connected from top to bottom and moving in the right direction?
  4. Does your organization measure up to your chief competitors?


  1. Do you operate in a team environment from top to bottom?
  2. Do politics or silo behavior get in the way of operational success?
  3. Are all of your employees empowered and fully engaged in continuous improvement?
  4. Are all of your top leaders team players that put the organization first?

If you answered no to any of the questions you have an opportunity to grow as a business. Such growth makes you more competitive, cost effective, and creates a great environment for all of the people who are part of your team. If you have many no answers you need to change if you are going to reach your goals and become a great organization.

If you answered yes to all of the questions, congratulations. The hard work you have put into your people and the team you have assembled should allow you to compete into the future.