Another year has begun with much conversation on where we have been, how bad it has been, conflict all around, hopefulness for some, and how soon can we return to normal. As I look at each day at a time I can share what last year was like for me.

I had my first a-fib, days later I was was taken to the hospital on a backboard after a fall, in November spending three days in the hospital, treated for Covid and coming home prior to Thanksgiving. We ate alone to stay safe. We, as many others, spent very little time with our grandson and his folks, socially distancing and exchanging gifts at Christmas. I enjoyed our beautiful home, decorated for the holidays and spent many hours reading, playing board games with my wife and watching football.

The election is over and our government is working to overcome a chaotic period of violence and trepidation, installing the duly elected president and our first female vice president. My thougts move to, what am I going to do to now? My availability for my clients will continue and so will the need for support. Many people are struggling financially and our schools are attempting to return to providing the educational opportunity that all children need. Greatful parents will dig in and try to follow their careers and move toward vacinnation which would allow the normalcy we all want so badly. Historians will make judgments on what has transpired in 2020-21 but you and I have lived through it while over 400,000 of our fellow citizens have died from Covid, leaving grief and suffering behind in the wake of the virus.

The question might be posed, Is that all their is? Is there enough? I am greatful, thanking the outstanding nurses who helped me leave the hospital. My efforts will focus on doing what I can to support may clients, spend time with family and friends and just look for opportunity to laugh and enjoy my life. My goals are in front of me modest and in keeping with who I am, taking them a day at a time affords me the opportunity to smile and move along. I wish the best to those that read my offerrings.