Friends and family and sometimes clients have experienced my tendency to joke and tease. While I certainly take my professional responsibilities seriously, I can laugh at myself. While enjoying some social time with friends and family I told Lois about working on a new program, calling it “The Eyelid Program” . She asked me what it was and I explained it this way. “If my eyelids open, I just go like mad and live that day.” She thought it was not real, but it is.

After the last year with Covid, the election, and all that we have experienced, I firmly believe that living each day with enthusiasm, joy, and my best effort is extremely important. As I return to my support role at Stryker Instruments next week in person, I look forward to being present for anyone who chooses to speak with me. No matter the conversation, being committed to my role as a confidential support person is vital to me and the person across from me.

Listening, giving feedback, and support for what that person needs is vital to this role in Well Being. Validation that it is ok to have struggled during this past year is just being human. I notice that with my vacination (Yes, I encourage people to get their shots) and having been in the hospital with Covid that my zest for human interaction is strong. The interactions seem more important to me and I do not take them for granted. Living each day, being available for my family, friends, and clients is where I thrive. It is also my role to help my clients find where they can thrive as well. Leading a full but balanced life can rub off and transfer to others whether at work, home, or in the community.

While we cannot always be at our best, we can bring out the best that we have at any given time. This may sound corny but I am just Living the Eyelid Program and you might want to try it. I know Lois did and she led a full life with family and friends and we miss her often. Rembering her keeps her in our hearts, while allowing us to use our time after our eyelids open each day to engage with those who are important in our lives.