As we watch and listen to the world deal with this deadly virus, I wanted to pass on my thoughts for taking care of ourselves.

I did not live during the world wars or the depression which changed lives and how people survived. People who did survive those times stuck together and learned from the pain and suffering. Such experiences became part of what my parents shared with me.  The current crisis brings us to the point of evaluating how we deal with the fears that are natural to have. It is important to control the things that we can control.
I pay attention to what the health care professionals advise, keeping track of new information that can protect me, my family and my friends. Use of online communication and letting others know that I want them to be safe helps me stay connected. I do not watch 24/7 news but do look at other thoughts on what is going on around the world.
It is important to stay active, keep social distance, and be flexable to make adjustments that make sense to me and my family. Maintaining patience is not easy for me or most people but I do work at it, realizing how difficult it can be.
Sharing this time with my wife allows us to support each other, laugh when we can and make plans that make sense for us and those we love.
Keep your faith and take it one day at a time. If I can help, call, text, or send me an e-mail and I will connect with you.
All thge best,