Let’s eliminate mental health care!

Patients in psych or mental health units do not receive get well cards. Why not?  Do patients in hospitals with cancer or heart issues receive cards and visitors?  What is the difference?  My answer is there is no difference.  If the patient is our wife, son, or mother, we want them to get better and make sure they receive the best care.

In any health concern, it is important to receive prompt, accurate diagnosis and the best possible care.  When this occurs, the patient has the best possible chance for a healthy recovery and return to their lives.

Excellent health care should include all forms of diagnosis from A to Z and if we just provided health care in every case maybe the stigma associated with mental health and addiction care would disappear.  Patients should not be ashamed or blamed for having such a diagnosis.

Many politicians have talked about the need for better mental health care and they are right in that assertion. Why not have the best health care system possible, no matter the diagnosis?  There are no quick or easy remedies for most diseases and disorders.

It is time to provide the best quality of care to everyone regardless of diagnosis.