I have been writing posts that come from my long career as a consultant and counselor. Living for a few decades does not make one a source of wisdom, merely a person who has seen a lot and has views to share.

You may notice (If anyone is reading) that I do not discuss current affairs or politics, but I do offer thoughts on the human condition that may give you some insight. Just living for awhile does not make me an expert. It does give me a perspective for that allows me to accept the changes that happen every day, while seeing a strange similarity with the “new” thoughts for today.

My experiences do help me when a client shares their pain with me in my office. Just because you have heard a similar story does not make it the same, as each person’s pain is their’s to suffer through. Part of counseling is just listening to someone, accepting them, not judging them, and working with them to sort our their options. No matter the situation their are always options, but unfortunately in some cases the options are not positive. The longer the pain has existed, the more difficult to overcome.

I will offer some short points for you to consider:

*Relationships-,the best ones are mutually negotiable (Marriage) and they change and modify as needed.

*Suicide-Not an answer or solution but ending all that you are forever, leaving questions, pain, and everyone else without you

*Right now-The moment is in your hands, enjoy it, do something that you want to do, value it always.

*Tomorrow-Not guaranteed, will wait until you get there but can be a bright future.

*Golden rule-Still works and not a bad guideline for conduct towards those around us, often not followed with poor consequences.

*Life-Live it, love it, make it count.