Focusing in the moment and handling stress

After any election, following the violence in Pittsburgh, or being in our own little place, we all have reactions to life as it unfolds around us.  The focus of a counselor when approached by a person is to help that individual make sense of the here and now.  It is vital that we support the person in this process which includes how they feel and what do they need.

The additional impact of constant connection through social media and all that transpires every day can be extremely stressful.  Considering all of this “stuff” counselors begin with asking the person who they are, how they came to be at this place in time, and then what they have on their mind and how can the counselor be of assistance in this moment.  Starting with this moment allows us to focus while moving forward.  What has happened leads to such conversations. We can only help the person with what they need to address as they live their lives. The past cannot be altered but its impact lasts if the person allows it to interfere with the present. The future is also beyond our control, so the focus on the present is still what we can deal with now.

People are searching for answers and solutions and counseling does lend itself to people figuring out what they want to do as they address issues.  When we start with ourselves as the center of our universe it is important that we decide what “we” want and how to control our own lives.  Counseling support always addresses how we feel and what will it take to feel normal or whole again

Terrible and wonderful things happen around the world every day but the reality of our Well Being always goes back to how we feel and how we take care of ourselves and those that we care about. This may sound simple, but it is often more complex than it should be to manage.   Counselors do not have all the answers, but we listen and work with you to sort it out, confidentially, and respectfully.

While stress management is talked about, the actions we take impact it directly.  Such things as exercise, diet, sleep, and loving friends and family do allow us to thrive rather than just survive. Slowing down enough to allow us to think, plan, and put actions into motion can make all of the difference.