Living a number of years does not make one wise. It does expose you to many things that are a part of your memories and your experience. Do we learn from them, improve, and keep from continuing to make the same mistakes?

As I listen to my clients I see a uniqueness to their problem or concern. It really does not matter if the same or similar things have happened in the past to others. As the counselor, using the collective experiences, and how people overcome their demons is relative, and also holds out hope for the current issues. The warmth, unconditional positive regard, and the non-judgmental capacity of the counselor creates the setting for the client to be comfortable and trust the counselor and the process.

Each person must travel their path, applying the solutions that they discover on their own or from professional support. Therapy or counseling is an application of passing on information, skills, and compassion to each person. Empathy provides a level of acceptance that can tell the client that it is OK, and that they can move ahead. The client does need to own their feelings while taking primary responsibility for the solutions to their issues and the benefit from them as well.

The goal of every counseling relationship is for the client to receive support, learn from the experience and apply the lessons as needed today and in the future. Therapy has a beginning and an end, that the client will know and the counselor will support. It is always about the client and what they need.