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The question that clients and significant others ask is more often stated as “Can’t you just fix them”? Unfortunately the answer is no you can’t but that does not mean that a person or problem cannot be successfully addressed. As a long-term consultant and interventionist I have worked with individuals, families, and major corporations to “fix” people problems.

The key to the “fix” is working with the person in the middle of the problem and there always one there. One of the main issues is that person may not see the problem or completely deny that there is one. The fact finding or investigation will entail interviews of those around the¬†problem, those who are impacted by the individual, and a session with those that are trying to help.

This blog will be dedicated to helping you recognize problems that you want to fix but do not know how to do so. It is not easy, does not always work, but is a necessity as untreated or left alone it will only progress and get worse. The good news is that most problems do have a “fix” and the key is stepping up.